About us

Desenfaixa’t is an online sports event organised by Castellers of London (CoL). Other participating International Colles are Castellers de Paris, Xiquets Copenhagen, Colla Castellera d'Edinburgh, Castellers de Berlin, Colla Castellera de Madrid, and Castellers d'Andorra.

The situation for International Colles has always been difficult. Each year we stumble upon different challenges: finding castellers, paying for a rehearsal space, or paying for insurance to do this type of activity. This becomes even more challenging considering that we don't get paid for our performances and the financial grants are minimal. In addition, the pandemic has substantially aggravated this situation, as it has done for the rest of the colles in Catalonia, greatly affecting our season (and our bank account).

These are the reasons that have made us come up with and organise the first online sports charity "competition". This event aims to give visibility and support to the challenges of the International Colles, as well as to help all castellers stay engaged with their colles. The symbolic inscription fee will be split equally among all International Colles, and will help them tackle their expenses.