I want to take part in Desenfaixa’t, what do I have to do?

That’s great! You will simply need to find out if your colla has signed up for Desenfaixa’t. If they have, they’ll need to send you the link to register. If they haven’t, please tell them about us!

When I follow the link my colla provided I end up in a screen that says “Error”, why is that?

In order for us to be able to retrieve your activities from Strava for Desenfaixa’t, you’ll need to leave both checkboxes ticked in the permissions screen. We will only fetch your name and information related to your activities in order to calculate your score during the competition, we will do nothing else with the information.

If you are still having trouble, check out our social media platforms, where we have shared "Steps to follow" videos that will help you successfully complete all the steps!

How do I know if I am correctly enrolled for Desenfaixa’t?

Once you have followed the link your colla provided you and you saw a success message, you should be in! If you want to ensure everything is ok, you can go to My Apps in Strava, Desenfaixa’t will be displayed as one of the authorised apps if you are correctly enrolled.

Ranking updates

I have enrolled in Desenfaixat but I haven’t done any activity yet, I cannot see myself in the ranking, why is that?

You will only see yourself in the ranking once you have done 1 eligible activity, make sure you check out how they work!

I have recently done an activity but my time in the ranking has not been updated, why is that?

Unfortunately, due to limitations in our infrastructure and services, and the amazing success we have had in enrolling so many castellers, we have had to limit getting all your activities to once per day. We will do that overnight so that you can see the up to date ranking in the morning. In any case, please allow at least 1 full day for your data in the ranking to be up to date.

Besides, bear in mind that only activities specified in How it works will count towards your progress in the ranking, and there are rules on their eligibility. For example, speed is checked for some of the activities, and we will discard the very slow (e.g. if you walk but you registered the activity as running) or very fast ones (e.g. if you cycle but you registered the activity as running). We consider this goes against the spirit of the event, so please register your activity types correctly!

I have done an activity more than 1 day ago and it does not show up in the ranking, why is that?

It could be due to one of the following reasons:
  • You started the activity before joining Desenfaixa’t using the colla link. These do not count, sorry!
  • Your activity type is not eligible or it does not comply with our rules, make sure you check them out!
  • Very rarely, your event will only get to us more than 1 day later. Please bear with us, and if it definitely does not show up and you are absolutely sure your activities comply with all the above, contact us.

I am doing activities with my smartwatch/Fitbit/Garmin/other but they don’t appear in the ranking, why is that?

Your device needs to be compatible with Strava and be connected to it. You can find out both if your device is compatible with Strava and the best way to connect it in the Strava support page.

Also, if you are doing an activity for which we require heart rate information, you need to allow Strava to collect this information in order for us to receive it. You can check and enable it in the Strava Data Permissions.

Why is the total amount of hours in the colla ranking not the sum of the individual castellers?

As every colla has a different number of castellers, we divide the total number of hours by the castellers that participate. This way we make the competition between colles with very different numbers of castellers more even.

Activity types

I have done an indoor activity and it did not count towards my time, why is that?

Most of the Strava activities work using the GPS in your phone. Because indoor activities don’t require you to move, they will be reported as having no distance covered and no speed, so they won’t be taken into account. In order to record indoor activities, you will have to connect your exercise machine (bike turbo trainer, rowing machine, etc.) with Strava. If your machine cannot be connected but you have a heart rate monitor, you should consider recording your activity as a Workout instead (and comply with Workout rules!).

I usually do an activity that’s not in the list, could you make it count for the rankings?

Unfortunately that’s not possible this time. For this first edition of Desenfaixa’t, we have tried to keep it small and simple for everyone, which unfortunately means that some activities have been left out. We are delighted by the reception of Desenfaixa’t and the engagement of everyone, so we are already taking notes of all your comments. We’ll make sure to take them into account for future editions of Desenfaixa’t to make it even better!

Are my activities eligible if I did them before joining Desenfaixa’t?

Nope, only activities recorded after joining Desenfaixa’t via the colla link will be taken into account, sorry!

Can I add activities manually to Strava?

Strava allows you to add activities manually but these won’t be counted in for Desenfaixa’t, sorry!