How it works


The competition starts on the 6th of February and finishes on the 19th of February.

How much?

It's free for castellers! As it's a fundraising event, we will ask for a €200 donation per colla to sign up.

How does it work?

If your colla is not enrolled, contact us! During the competition, we will use Strava to keep track of your activities. If you don't have it already, download the app and sign up, it's free!

Getting updates

Every Monday we will publish on social media (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) the results of the current ranking and on the 20th of February we will announce the winners. If your colla starts late, or is not ranking the best, don’t worry, you can still win challenges!


Dream Team

The colla that has the most sporty castellers. We'll divide the total hours of the colla by the number of athletes to make it fairer.

Gamma Extra

The colles with most challenges achieved.


The casteller that has invested most hours of their time into activities.

What Sports can be done

This are the activities that can be done and how they affect your weekly score


Running will count x1.


Cycling will count x0.8.

Indoor cycling also allowed via


Walking will count x0.5


Rowing will count x1.

Indoor rowing also allowed via


Swimming will count x1.5.


CrossFit will count x0.8.


Workout will count x0.8.


Weights will count x0.8.


We will check the metrics and we will apply some rules to avoid cheating.

  • No manual entries

  • No tagging friends

  • Average speed will be checked on

  • For activities that require a heart rate monitor, the heart rate average will need to be 80 or above